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Coffee with... family Lin, Rijnsaterswoude

Coffee with... family Lin, Rijnsaterswoude


One of the strongest lofts in the 'Afdeling 5' with world famous opponents (G.& S. Verkerk, Willem de Bruyn, P. v/d Merwe), that's how you can safely qualify the Lin family. Supported by national championships, national ace pigeons and, as a crown on the work, several Olympiad ace pigeons that managed to hatch in Rijnsaterswoude.

While father Lin's team of old pigeons, under the care of Shan Wang, makes the most of the one day long distance, son Jiabin manages to achieve top performances, especially with his team of youngsters. He is especially proud of his four years in a row a young bird in the top 10 national ace pigeons. Few can present such papers. There is also a mutual battle with the youngsters, where Shan also competes with a team of youngsters in the 'old' lofts. Right from the start in 2020, this led to several grandmaster top results and top rankings at the national loft championships.
Jiabin developed his own system for the youngsters, which involves working with Matador Super Start, Athletic and the Boardingmix on basketing days. As soon as the kilometers add up or when a heavier edition is expected, the Turbo Extreme mixtures are also used in the last part.

On behalf of team Matador good luck for 2022