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Premium Rest

Premium Rest

The ideal winter mixture which you can use immediately after the moulting period until mating. Whether you let your pigeons train in the winter, or whether you leave them indoors, they will keep their weight well with this mixture. Due to the wide range of different hard and softer raw fibers, the intestinal tract is completely cleaned in three weeks. The leftover food remains from the moulting or breeding period are, as it were, removed from the intestinal tract by brooms. After that, the nutrients can be optimally absorbed again. Premium Rest can be fed throughout the winter, without any additional additives to the food. Providing grit and minerals during this period is sufficient. As soon as you switch from the moulting mixture to the Rest mixture, you will see and feel a difference within a few days. By cleaning the intestines, the droppings will look perfect and your pigeons will handle more compact.


Raw protein 11,3%
Absorbable protein 6,6%
Raw fats 6,8%
Carbohydrates 59,2%
Raw fibres 7,5%
Kcal 3166
Omega ratio 5 : 1